Friday, February 19, 2016

Save Content Smelling Pornography, the Government is now Official Block Tumblr

Blocking policy must now be done by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Communications). After a lot of blocking the radical website, now they decided to shut down Internet access to Tumblr, a blog platform owned by Yahoo. Kominfo parties argue that Tumblr save a lot of pornography content.

Decisions on blocking Tumblr was disclosed by Director of e-business Directorate General Informatics Applications Administrator, Azhar Hashim. Hashim as quoted by CNN revealed that the blocking is done after passing the assessment phase. As a result, they revealed that a lot of content, either in the form of pictures or video porn found on Tumblr.

Kominfo party has already started sending letters blocking policies related to each internet service provider (ISP) in the country. So, for now the Tumblr blog owners can still access his site directly. Hashim said that if the policy of blocking these possibilities will be active from the next two or three days.

Kominfo also revealed that Tumblr is not the only sites that would be blocked. In total there will be 477 other sites which also will acquire a similar policy of Communication and Information Technology. The reason was the same, ie, deemed to have pornographic content.

Suddenly this policy was getting a lot of protests from bloggers. Moreover, not a few Indonesian Internet users who have an account on Tumblr. In fact, they show that Tumblr is not the only one that holds pornographic content. Even the blog platforms such as Google's Blogspot also have pornographic content that is not less than Tumblr.


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Recent Android Malware Can Erase Mobile Data with One Text Messages

The users of smartphones and Android tablets each day was filled with the threat of the presence of malware applications. Moreover, the malware application that has the ability to erase the data stored on the phone. A company security analyst from Denmark are now finding a new Android malware that can even wipe the data on your phone with just one SMS message 

Company security analyst named Heimdal it was revealed that highly sophisticated malware capable named Mazar. Application of this dangerous malware has the ability to send text messages with multimedia links that look harmless. By downloading the files on that link, then the next data stored on the phone will be forfeited.

Not easy to determine the threat level of this latest malware. Not because the link is a link to download the Tor application for mobile phones which is followed by the actual process of downloading malware. So the owner of the phone was deceived by this malware by downloading Tor stage first.

Heimdal also revealed that the malware application is already widespread in the country of Denmark. They revealed that as many as 100 thousand Android phones indications received a text message from this malware Mazar. But the Heimdal did not dare to ascertain whether the presence of this malware also have spread to countries other than Denmark or not.

For preventative measures, phone owners must be careful when receiving a message in which there is a link to get to a specific page. It would be nice not to press the link. That of course is done for the security of the data stored on the phone.


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Arriving in the US, Jokowi Will Visit TwitterSetelah Bos

Having previously canceled visit Silicon Valley, the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo (jokowi) finally arrived in the United States to attend the High-Level Conference (KTT) US-ASEAN Summit is the first in Sunnyland, California.

Based on the information received from the team Tekno Twitter Indonesia, Jokowi also plans to visited Twitter headquarters in San Francisco to meet with the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey (jack), Wednesday (17/02/2016) local time (February 18 2016, morning GMT).

The visit was a series of initiatives Jokowi to emphasize the role of Indonesia in improving security and pradeteksi, in which social communication platforms like Twitter very important role to fight and prevent terrorism and extreme measures.

Besides Twitter, Jokowi reportedly also visited the headquarters of the giant technology company Facebook and Google. During his visit, he was accompanied by the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, wrapped up in January.

On the sidelines of the visit, Jokowi self will have lunch in the cafeteria with the IndoGooglers Google. Then, the visit will proceed to the headquarters of Plug & Play and Twitter.

Jokowi own Twitter account already holding more than 4.43 million followers. He became the first president in the Asia Pacific region are using the Periscope, live broadcast applications belonging to Twitter (with the account name:presidenjokowidodo) to speak directly with the people when #KarnavalKhatulistiwa took place in London in August 2015.

(Jek / Cas)

Google Deselect Will Be Telecommunications Operator

Google's move to deliver services and technologies related to telecommunications networks, such as Project and Project Loon Fi, had caused concern that the company plans to foray into the field of telecommunications services.

Responding to that, Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, during a visit to Jakarta, on Monday, denied that Google has no plans in that direction (into a telecom operator). According to him, for now Google prefers to cooperate with telecom operators.

Therefore, to be able to do it independently, required permits related spectrum license to use, given such permission is currently only held by telecommunications operators. Therefore, it chose to focus on cooperation with local operators.

"We are still focused on cooperation with local operators. Previously, we had also just make cooperation with the three carriers, such as XL, Telkomsel and Indosat. And for now the focus is still on it," said Brin, when met at the Ministry of Communication, Monday (12/28/2015)

On the occasion, Brin also confirmed that the latest Google services, Project Fi, only to be held in the United States. However, he did not dismiss if it also opens up the possibility of cooperation with other parties outside the United States.

"Project Fi is the only thing we do in the US. We do have an interest to collaborate with several parties outside the United States related Fi technologies. But, for implementation only in the United States," said Brin.

Project Fi itself is a mobile service delivery program that is easy and fast, direct to the phone that Google initiated. For the United States alone, Google is working with two well-known mobile operators, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Not only cooperate with the cellular service provider, Project Fi can also work with Wi-Fi networks. In order to do this, this technology will directly connect mobile phone users to open Wi-Fi networks and is considered to have the most excellent and stable network.

(Dam / Isk)


Google Preparing Balloons Fly High in the Sky Indonesia

Google is preparing to release the internet bubble - Project Loon - to start a real adventure in the sky Indonesia.

It was not a real adventure, but a test that will be carried out by operators in Indonesia, namely Telkomsel, Indosat and XL Axiata.

"We are conducting discussions commercial telecom operators in the world and will soon fly in various regions, such as Indonesia, to trial this year," said Astro Teller, Head of Alphabet for X Innovation, in a blog, as quoted from PCMag on Wednesday (17/02/2016).

Teller does not talk further when exactly this internet balloon flown. However, Google had already announced its official partnership with the three major carriers in Indonesia in October 2015.

Indeed, every effort is never easy. Even Google engineers reportedly overwhelmed by the ideas related to the internet bubble forms - ranging from a spherical shape, pillow, until it resembles a whale biru-- before determining the prototype in use today.

"With the balloon there, we can navigate to float up to 2 miles vertically into the sky and 500 meters from where we were headed as far as 20,000 kilometers. Years ago, there are balloons that have floated to the whole world for 19 times in 187 days. We still need to lower the cost of the balloon, "said Teller.

Project Loon was tested along the 10.5 million miles in New Zealand, Australia, and France is. They then wanted to expand internet coverage to the whole world, which will start from Asia.

Not only Indonesia, Loon balloons will also be flown in Sri Lanka. Reportedly, three internet balloon will be flown into the air on Monday next week, according to information from The Wall Street Journal.

"Imagine the billions of other people can connect with a variety of things, such as education and economic opportunities. It makes me happy to see the team Loon has a bold vision."

Monday, February 8, 2016

PIN Will No Longer Needed, replaceable Brain Scanning Technology

Passwords with a combination of numbers and letters when it became a means of safety of various types of accounts. However, with the development of the existing technology, the existence of an alphanumeric password also will be replaced. The researchers are now much berusha to utilize biometric password. Even the latest discovery, the brain it can also be used as a biometric password.

scan otak

Researchers from the University of Binghamton also has the solution. With the safety system in the form of a biometric password brains, they claim that any system would have a high level of security and will be impenetrable by hackers. To be able to do it, the way is to use EEG headgear as a means of brain scanning.

This head covering was going to ask 500 different images. Furthermore, the brain's response to these images also would be used as the unique identity of the headgear. And based on the results of tests performed by the researchers, the accuracy rate is still quite low. Only one of the 30 testers who can earn as much as 100 percent accuracy.

But of course the study of the brain's use of biometric password is still expanding. Moreover, while this is also very much a biometric password that is also in the process of development and even some of them have been used. Starting from scanning retinas, fingerprints or voice.

Official Mozilla Firefox Stop Development OS For Smartphones

Several months ago, Mozilla had testified that it would not launch a smartphone product, but will continue to develop the operating system Firefox OS for a while. But apparently non-profit company that actually stop the development of the operating system for its development.

Firefox OS

Citing a report from Softpedia, Friday (05/01/2016), the company has insisted that it will stop development after the release of Firefox OS version 2.6. In addition, Mozilla also had testified bawha on 29 March, the Marketplace will no longer receive submissions again for Android, Desktop as well as tablets.

Mozilla also removes all applications that do not support Firefox OS. But strangely, the application is compatible with Firefox OS will still be accepted until 2017, because the company has not decided the date when they will stop receiving these applications in the Marketplace.

According to Mozilla, the decisions made today are substantial, and the main reason they have taken this decision to ensure the company can focus all its resources on initiatives "to bring the power of the web to the IOT."

Mozilla also highlights the fact that Firefox OS is not so have many followers, because it is a low-budget device support for this device is slightly. Looking ahead, Mozilla reaffirmed its support to the IOT (Internet of Things) and promised to make a greater impact on the sector in the coming years.

In essence, after the operating system Firefox OS 2.6 slid in May, smartphones supported by this operating system will not have any further involvement with the company's staff.

BlackBerry Users Do Not Allow Root in Device Priv

Rooting is the thing that is familiar to users of Android devices. By doing root, the user is free to make modifications on their own smartphone system. In fact, there are several smartphone manufacturers who blatantly allow the device to be rooted.


But this does not apply to Android devices from BlackBerry, Priv. As reported by Ubergizmo, Wednesday (03/02/2016), mentioned that the BlackBerry device Priv is not recommended to be rooted. As we know that the BlackBerry is reliable about security and privacy.

In BlackBerry's official blog written by Alex Manea, Head of the BlackBerry Device Security, explaining what is root and its effects. In the blog, Manea explains why BlackBerry protects the device from rooting action. He said that when users perform root on BlackBerry devices Priv, will affect the stability of Priv, singeing the warranty, as well as affecting the operating system updates.

Perangkat BlackBerry Priv dengan sistem operasi Android

Even Manea says that by rooting the device Priv means opening up security holes in the device. He said that by doing root, the device will be susceptible compromised by malware, and some applications of the BlackBerry will be rejected outright the Android device in a state-root ter entering the network application.

There are ways in which the parties to avoid the BlackBerry device so the target root Priv. Priv Manea explains that the device will check the kernel and SELinux when ignited. It also monitors the file system table, as well as scanning applications that have access unnatural.

BlackBerry parties said this was done because they want to maintain security on their own devices, according to their designation, which is famous for security and privacy in communication. Though not use their home-made operating system, BlackBerry still want to keep a homemade device safe from malware and virus attacks.