Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Employees divulge Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7

Someone claiming to be employees of Samsung leaking information about the brand-new phone Samsung Galaxy S7.

Employees were known to distribute such information to Internet content providers from Korea, Naver. As quoted from PhoneArena, Wednesday (01/27/2016), Samsung Galaxy S7 rumored to have a 5.1 inch screen, while the Galaxy S7 Edge has a 5.5 inch screen.

According to Samsung's employees, all variants of the Galaxy S7 will use a black chassis to display the premium impression. Samsung also will sell the phones capabilities in capturing the images produced by the camera at night.

Rumors, the Galaxy S7 is equipped with a 12 megapixel camera (MP) which has an aperture of f / 1.7, so Samsung will use the slogan "On the night" or perhaps other names.

At this time its flagship smartphone, Samsung lowers the capacity of the camera than previous products namely Galaxy S6, which is equipped with a 16MP camera. While the Galaxy S7 features a 12MP camera.

The same source said, this is because Samsung does not only focus on the amount of megapixels, but look at the size and capacity sensors.

Galaxy Camera S7 mentioned later will use a dual pixel auto focus, similar to those used in DSLR cameras Canon her. It is believed to reduce noise and make color images produced so much more alive.

Samsung is still based on an employee who did not give his name, the latest Samsung flagship phone is designed antidebu and also waterproof. The previously existing features in the Galaxy S5, but eliminated the Galaxy S6.

Both phones are also expected to provide hybrid dual SIM is used to place the SIM card and microSD. This feature also previously removed the Galaxy S6 and presented again on a new mobile phone Galaxy S7.

For color, said the sources, consumers can choose among four colors presented by Samsung in the mobile phone, namely black, white, silver, and gold. There is a possibility, Galaxy S7 improved battery capacity than previous phones.

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HP Elite x2, The Sweet Resistant Slam

Peluncuran HP Elite x2 di Jakarta, Rabu (27/1/2016). Subin Joseph Managing Director HP Indonesia (Kiri), Hendry Widjaja, PC Category Director HP Indonesia (Tengah), Christian Sugiono (Kanan). /Jeko Iqbal Reza
Long time no hear, Hewlett-Packard has finally announced a line of new devices in a row earlier this year. One of the products being introduced is the series 2 in 1 premium laptop, HP Elite x2. This laptop series is claimed as the most 'powerful' and resilient.

HP Elite x2 own a laptop that is targeting the business. Therefore, HP Elite x2 has two functions: to be a laptop completely, or be portable tablet.

Hendry Widjaja, PC Category Director HP Indonesia, said that the Elite x2 intentionally designed for business people who like traveling. Therefore, HP Elite x2 has a dimension that is thinner and lighter, making it easy to carry everywhere for work, despite being on vacation.

"We designed HP Elite x2 for thinness, lighter, and powered, in accordance with the wishes of the user who emphasizes simplicity, but can still look stylish. In addition, the device also comes with a keyboard and a pen that can be released. It is a simple stored in a bag , "he said while demonstrating HP Elite x2 at the launch of the latest line of HP products at the JW Marriott in Jakarta, Wednesday (27/01/2016).

Hendry continued, HP Elite x2 has a thin body and 8.1 mm and a light weight of 840 grams. In fact, a company from Palo Alto, California is proving 'kegaharan' laptops. It is absolutely evident from the action Managing Director of HP Indonesia, Subin Joseph, who had slammed the Elite x2 twice at the end of the event.

"Although thin and light, Elite x2 remains strong and safe," he said after slamming ELTE x2. Joseph said the laptop is durable because it is covered with aluminum material CNC has a different resistance than ordinary aluminum.

At a glance about the specification, Elite x2 has a landscape display HD 12-inch and supported by an Intel Core M vPro 6th generation, the graphics card Intel HD Graphics 520, 8 GB LPDDR3 SDRAM, and storage of 512 GB SATA SSD, and runs on the Windows operating system 10.

In addition, the laptop is also equipped with HP Active Pen Wacom industrial standardization. HP Elite x2 will be available from March 2016 and start from IDR 14.99 million, -.

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