Monday, February 8, 2016

Official Mozilla Firefox Stop Development OS For Smartphones

Several months ago, Mozilla had testified that it would not launch a smartphone product, but will continue to develop the operating system Firefox OS for a while. But apparently non-profit company that actually stop the development of the operating system for its development.

Firefox OS

Citing a report from Softpedia, Friday (05/01/2016), the company has insisted that it will stop development after the release of Firefox OS version 2.6. In addition, Mozilla also had testified bawha on 29 March, the Marketplace will no longer receive submissions again for Android, Desktop as well as tablets.

Mozilla also removes all applications that do not support Firefox OS. But strangely, the application is compatible with Firefox OS will still be accepted until 2017, because the company has not decided the date when they will stop receiving these applications in the Marketplace.

According to Mozilla, the decisions made today are substantial, and the main reason they have taken this decision to ensure the company can focus all its resources on initiatives "to bring the power of the web to the IOT."

Mozilla also highlights the fact that Firefox OS is not so have many followers, because it is a low-budget device support for this device is slightly. Looking ahead, Mozilla reaffirmed its support to the IOT (Internet of Things) and promised to make a greater impact on the sector in the coming years.

In essence, after the operating system Firefox OS 2.6 slid in May, smartphones supported by this operating system will not have any further involvement with the company's staff.

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