Monday, February 8, 2016

PIN Will No Longer Needed, replaceable Brain Scanning Technology

Passwords with a combination of numbers and letters when it became a means of safety of various types of accounts. However, with the development of the existing technology, the existence of an alphanumeric password also will be replaced. The researchers are now much berusha to utilize biometric password. Even the latest discovery, the brain it can also be used as a biometric password.

scan otak

Researchers from the University of Binghamton also has the solution. With the safety system in the form of a biometric password brains, they claim that any system would have a high level of security and will be impenetrable by hackers. To be able to do it, the way is to use EEG headgear as a means of brain scanning.

This head covering was going to ask 500 different images. Furthermore, the brain's response to these images also would be used as the unique identity of the headgear. And based on the results of tests performed by the researchers, the accuracy rate is still quite low. Only one of the 30 testers who can earn as much as 100 percent accuracy.

But of course the study of the brain's use of biometric password is still expanding. Moreover, while this is also very much a biometric password that is also in the process of development and even some of them have been used. Starting from scanning retinas, fingerprints or voice.

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