Friday, February 19, 2016

Save Content Smelling Pornography, the Government is now Official Block Tumblr

Blocking policy must now be done by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Communications). After a lot of blocking the radical website, now they decided to shut down Internet access to Tumblr, a blog platform owned by Yahoo. Kominfo parties argue that Tumblr save a lot of pornography content.

Decisions on blocking Tumblr was disclosed by Director of e-business Directorate General Informatics Applications Administrator, Azhar Hashim. Hashim as quoted by CNN revealed that the blocking is done after passing the assessment phase. As a result, they revealed that a lot of content, either in the form of pictures or video porn found on Tumblr.

Kominfo party has already started sending letters blocking policies related to each internet service provider (ISP) in the country. So, for now the Tumblr blog owners can still access his site directly. Hashim said that if the policy of blocking these possibilities will be active from the next two or three days.

Kominfo also revealed that Tumblr is not the only sites that would be blocked. In total there will be 477 other sites which also will acquire a similar policy of Communication and Information Technology. The reason was the same, ie, deemed to have pornographic content.

Suddenly this policy was getting a lot of protests from bloggers. Moreover, not a few Indonesian Internet users who have an account on Tumblr. In fact, they show that Tumblr is not the only one that holds pornographic content. Even the blog platforms such as Google's Blogspot also have pornographic content that is not less than Tumblr.


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