Friday, July 24, 2015

"Whale" was found in the surface of Pluto

Scientists at the US space agency (NASA), on Tuesday (07/07/2015) published a recent photograph dwarf planet Pluto, which was first demonstrated in detail and color maps at the end of the planets of our solar system.

Pluto latest photographs that were taken by NASA spacecraft, New Horizons. Unmanned spacecraft that was launched more than nine years ago is now already very close to the surface of Pluto.

As explained The Washington Post, New Horizons has entered the stage of "encounter sequence". That is from 7 to 14 July, the space robot will slowly reach the point of closest approach to Pluto's surface, which is at an altitude of 13,000 kilometers of land of the tiny planet.

As for the photos diumbar to the public by NASA yesterday photographed by camera Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (Lorri), which is mounted in New Horizons, from June 27 to July 3 yesterday.

Earlier in the photos snapped by June 25 seen the mysterious black patches - with a uniform size and spacing - at one pole of Pluto. Now, in a recent photo, it appears that one of the black dot length is about 2,993 km. Researchers at NASA called the point that a "whale" because of the pattern that is similar to the giant mammals of water on Earth.

Additionally, New Horizons also photographed a number of other giant point. Some of them have a pattern similar to a donut.

Dots and the surface of Pluto is estimated to be more bright and clear in the next few days, along with the nearby New Horizons, which was launched from Earth in 2006, with the dwarf planet.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Ignorant In Iphone Application

iphone application
One appeal of the iPhone are many applications available for the pairs free or paid. Users can download it at the launcher apple store or via the official website

Of the many applications available, has several categories such as multimedia, entertainment, office, security and others. However, the most interesting is ignorant of applications that we can use to bully friends or just entertainment.

1. iSurprise iSurprise is a simulation application that causes the iPhone screen as if cracked. To bully your friends, install this application on his cell phone and certainly without your friends knowing. Run the application and show it to your friends, how surprised he was as beloved iPhone look like a real crack.

2. Ghost Prank Ghost Prank Pro merupkan Pro camera application which has the effect of drawing a ghost in it. Ghost effects can be directly added while the application is running, you can simply pretend to take pictures and specify when the effect of ghost will appear. Ghost in this application is diverse and we can choose as you wish.

Discard 3.iFart we call the wind or farting in public is taboo in our society customs. But too often these events would be a joke to some people. If you want to bully your friend with fart sounds, do not bother to wait for your stomach heartburn, simply install iFart on your iPhone. In this application there are various kinds of distinctive fart sounds.

4. Fake Call Fake Call is an application ignorant who can make fake calls on your iPhone. You simply set up a fake call time, in addition to the name and number of the fake caller can you set yourself. During the call, the application is also taking ringtone used on the iPhone profile so it sounds like an actual call.

5. iBug Insects become pobhia for some people, especially cockroaches. Animals are hiding in this filthy place seemed to be frightening for the patient pobhia. What is so her if cockroaches and other insects suddenly appeared on the iPhone screen patients pobhia, of course, he will be surprised and ran away in fear. iBug an application that can perform actions such ignorant.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Apple Watch Not Functioning Perfect on Tattooed Hands

Watch Apple smart watches, which began to be marketed in March yesterday, attracted a lot of attention of buyers and Apple also stated that the number of subscribers has exceeded initial estimates. But just a month after the sale, the new gadget it has received a complaint because some of its main features could not work because of a tattoo.

Some people say that the sensors are contained in the smart watches confusion when touching the skin with tattoos. Reuters, Matt Siegel is the one that talks about the problem and he is a journalist.

Siegel bought Apple Watch size 42mm plated stainless steel. When used in his hand tattooed, Apple Watch sensors mounted on the bottom of the clock can not detect the skin and do not turn on automatically.

According to Siegel, too, Apple Watch also does not vibrate when there is incoming short message. Heart rate detection feature also does not work type in the watch worn on the arm tattooed.

While a social media users Reddit wrote that when he wore Apple Watch on hand that is not tattooed, intelligent clock that automatically unlock the screen.

"But when I wear it in the hands of tattooed, the watch automatically lock (screen) back," he wrote while using the hashtag #tattogate.
Responding to complaints that a spokesman for Apple in Sydney, Australia, has not been willing to talk. Three staff in one branch Apple Apple in Sydney also claimed to not know about the matter.

"Honestly, you are the first to complain about Apple Watch me," said a senior Apple staff told Reuters.
Previous Wall Street Journal reported that Apple Watch works very slowly and its application does not work perfectly.

Researchers Pluto Robot Build After 9 Years Asleep in Space

After falling asleep on the way for nine years and traverse a distance of 4.8 billion kilometers, robotic US space agency (NASA) sent to examine Pluto finally woke up on Saturday last weekend (12/06/2014).

Wake-up robot named New Horizons was at 3 pm US time, although NASA scientists in the new control center to get confirmation that the rise of the robots at 9:30 pm.

New Horizons is being located at a great distance, so that the radio signals are sent in the speed of light takes 4 hours 25 minutes to arrive at Earth.

The target of research and observation of Pluto, its moons, and other celestial bodies in the outer edge of our planetary system will begin January 15 next year. New Horizons will reach the closest point to Pluto on July 14.

In our solar system, Pluto lies in the Kuiper Belt, an area on the outer side of Neptune, which was inhabited by the small heavenly bodies. The objects on average covered in ice and is believed to be debris leftover formation of our solar system some 4.6 billion years ago. The Kuiper Belt is the only area that has not been explored in our solar system.

Since the discovery in 1930, Pluto has always been a mystery. Researchers difficult to explain why there is a tiny planet, with a radius of only 1,190 km, at the end of the row of giant planets such as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

In 1992 astronomers discovered that Pluto is not alone in the area of ​​the Kuiper Belt, so that the International Astronomical States to reconsider its position as a planet.

In 2006, when New Horizons is on his way, the status of Pluto downgraded to a dwarf planet. The Kuiper Belt is no more than a dwarf planet discovered in 1000. (Reuters)

Recent photos show Pluto Color Red

After more than nine years of wandering in the jungle of our solar system, drone belonging to the US space agency (NASA), New Horizons, managed to send a color photo of planet Pluto. It is a color photo pertma Pluto throughout history.

In a photograph released to the public on Tuesday (04/14/2015), it seems Pluto was accompanied by its largest moon, Charon, fluorescent red and orange with a little background of the jet space.

The photo itself is sent New Horizons on April 9 and from May estimated photograph Pluto with better image quality will arrive on Earth. To this day the best photo portrait Pluto is the result of the Hubble telescope. Unfortunately, the pictures were very vague and can not be made the object of scientific research.

"This is a pure exploration, we'll take a view into a planet and a moon that new system," said Alan Stern, New Horizons principal investigator.

Launched from Earth in 2006, New Horizons is now almost arrived at the most crucial point after passing a distance of 3 billion miles or about 4.8 billion kilometers. Robotic aircraft is targeted to arrive at the end of our solar system, Pluto is a place, on 14 July.

"In July, our knowledge of Pluto system will evolve far and I am sure there will be new discoveries that point," said John Grusnfeld, astronauts and one of the officials at NASA's Science Mission Directorate.

Discovered in 1930, Pluto was called the smallest planet in our solar system. But lately scientists to revise their opinion and call Pluto a dwarf planet, because of their small size and location on the edge of the solar system.

Pluto's diameter of 2,253 kilometers and is about 3.6 billion miles, or about 5.79 billion kilometers from the sun. The dwarf planet known to have at least five months.

New Horizons alone is expected to not only provide human understanding of Pluto and monthly system, but also about the environments called "third zone" in the solar system.

The third zone is also known as the Kuiper Belt, according to NASA, contains a "minor planets and a few mysterious planet-forming material". This area is famous for producing comets, including Halley who visit Earth every 75 years. (CNN / BBC)

6 Facts About Pluto That Must Know


New Horizons spacecraft has a distance of six billion kilometers in more than nine years, before hovering low over the surface of the dwarf planet on July 14 tomorrow.

Now the unmanned vehicle belonging to the US space agency (NASA) was shot at a speed of 50,000 km per hour. New Horizons will gradually slow down when entering the orbit of Pluto, before filling the track with an altitude of 12,500 km above the surface of Pluto.

It is the closest point ever achieved humans with Pluto, dwarf planet in our solar system ends.Throughout his journey New Horizons Pluto has sent a number of photos and two months faithful into satellites. The photographs are images of the first Pluto in color and more detailed.

"The data collected by the New Horizons will not only help us understand more about Pluto, but also to understand how our solar system formed," said Rob Cockcroft, astronomers from McMaster University, Canada.

Here are six facts according to Cockcroft we need to know about Mars, before New Horizons unmasked dwarf planet even further: 

1. The day on Pluto, a week on EarthPluto, despite the smaller size, it may take longer to complete one rotation over its own axis. As a result one day in Pluto equal to 6.5 Earth days - almost a week on Earth. In addition, because it lies at the outermost point of the solar system, Pluto takes longer to orbit the sun. As a result, a year on Pluto is equal to 248 Earth years. 

2. Layered icePluto is actually composed of rocks, covered by thin ice. The planet's surface is covered by frozen nitrogen and most likely there is also frozen water stored on the sidelines of rock and frozen nitrogen. 

3. SweatingPluto's atmosphere was like having Earth. 100,000 Pluto's atmosphere is thinner than Earth, because it could dwarf planet "sweating". That is, nitrogen frozen in Pluto's surface directly into the gas (liquid need not be used), and go up into the sky. As a result, Pluto has a very thin atmosphere. 

4. Elliptical OrbitOn the average, Pluto is 40 times farther away than the Earth is to mahatari. But that distance can vary, because Pluto's orbit is elliptical. At the farthest point, the distance to the sun can be equivalent to 50 times the distance of Earth to the sun. The closest point distance can be just equal to 39 times the distance of Earth to the sun. The distance from the Sun to Pluto ranges between 4.4 billion km to 7.4 billion km. 

5. Season extremesSeasons on Pluto extreme and long periods. Season caused by the tilt toward the Sun planet. For comparison, the Earth has at most four seasons, slope angle of about 23.5 degrees toward the sun. Pluto, at the end of the solar system, has a slope of 120 degrees toward the sun. 

6. Unique MonthThere is the same about the relationship of Pluto and its largest moon, Charon with the Earth and the Moon. Because its orbit models, Charon same surface that will always be visible from Pluto. Just like the surface of the Moon from the Earth.But there is also a difference. Charon only looked at the same point in the sky Pluto. That is, if there are in other parts of Pluto, you will not be able to enjoy a light Charon at night.