Friday, July 24, 2015

"Whale" was found in the surface of Pluto

Scientists at the US space agency (NASA), on Tuesday (07/07/2015) published a recent photograph dwarf planet Pluto, which was first demonstrated in detail and color maps at the end of the planets of our solar system.

Pluto latest photographs that were taken by NASA spacecraft, New Horizons. Unmanned spacecraft that was launched more than nine years ago is now already very close to the surface of Pluto.

As explained The Washington Post, New Horizons has entered the stage of "encounter sequence". That is from 7 to 14 July, the space robot will slowly reach the point of closest approach to Pluto's surface, which is at an altitude of 13,000 kilometers of land of the tiny planet.

As for the photos diumbar to the public by NASA yesterday photographed by camera Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (Lorri), which is mounted in New Horizons, from June 27 to July 3 yesterday.

Earlier in the photos snapped by June 25 seen the mysterious black patches - with a uniform size and spacing - at one pole of Pluto. Now, in a recent photo, it appears that one of the black dot length is about 2,993 km. Researchers at NASA called the point that a "whale" because of the pattern that is similar to the giant mammals of water on Earth.

Additionally, New Horizons also photographed a number of other giant point. Some of them have a pattern similar to a donut.

Dots and the surface of Pluto is estimated to be more bright and clear in the next few days, along with the nearby New Horizons, which was launched from Earth in 2006, with the dwarf planet.

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