Monday, July 13, 2015

Ignorant In Iphone Application

iphone application
One appeal of the iPhone are many applications available for the pairs free or paid. Users can download it at the launcher apple store or via the official website

Of the many applications available, has several categories such as multimedia, entertainment, office, security and others. However, the most interesting is ignorant of applications that we can use to bully friends or just entertainment.

1. iSurprise iSurprise is a simulation application that causes the iPhone screen as if cracked. To bully your friends, install this application on his cell phone and certainly without your friends knowing. Run the application and show it to your friends, how surprised he was as beloved iPhone look like a real crack.

2. Ghost Prank Ghost Prank Pro merupkan Pro camera application which has the effect of drawing a ghost in it. Ghost effects can be directly added while the application is running, you can simply pretend to take pictures and specify when the effect of ghost will appear. Ghost in this application is diverse and we can choose as you wish.

Discard 3.iFart we call the wind or farting in public is taboo in our society customs. But too often these events would be a joke to some people. If you want to bully your friend with fart sounds, do not bother to wait for your stomach heartburn, simply install iFart on your iPhone. In this application there are various kinds of distinctive fart sounds.

4. Fake Call Fake Call is an application ignorant who can make fake calls on your iPhone. You simply set up a fake call time, in addition to the name and number of the fake caller can you set yourself. During the call, the application is also taking ringtone used on the iPhone profile so it sounds like an actual call.

5. iBug Insects become pobhia for some people, especially cockroaches. Animals are hiding in this filthy place seemed to be frightening for the patient pobhia. What is so her if cockroaches and other insects suddenly appeared on the iPhone screen patients pobhia, of course, he will be surprised and ran away in fear. iBug an application that can perform actions such ignorant.

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