Sunday, July 12, 2015

Apple Watch Not Functioning Perfect on Tattooed Hands

Watch Apple smart watches, which began to be marketed in March yesterday, attracted a lot of attention of buyers and Apple also stated that the number of subscribers has exceeded initial estimates. But just a month after the sale, the new gadget it has received a complaint because some of its main features could not work because of a tattoo.

Some people say that the sensors are contained in the smart watches confusion when touching the skin with tattoos. Reuters, Matt Siegel is the one that talks about the problem and he is a journalist.

Siegel bought Apple Watch size 42mm plated stainless steel. When used in his hand tattooed, Apple Watch sensors mounted on the bottom of the clock can not detect the skin and do not turn on automatically.

According to Siegel, too, Apple Watch also does not vibrate when there is incoming short message. Heart rate detection feature also does not work type in the watch worn on the arm tattooed.

While a social media users Reddit wrote that when he wore Apple Watch on hand that is not tattooed, intelligent clock that automatically unlock the screen.

"But when I wear it in the hands of tattooed, the watch automatically lock (screen) back," he wrote while using the hashtag #tattogate.
Responding to complaints that a spokesman for Apple in Sydney, Australia, has not been willing to talk. Three staff in one branch Apple Apple in Sydney also claimed to not know about the matter.

"Honestly, you are the first to complain about Apple Watch me," said a senior Apple staff told Reuters.
Previous Wall Street Journal reported that Apple Watch works very slowly and its application does not work perfectly.

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