Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Google Preparing Balloons Fly High in the Sky Indonesia

Google is preparing to release the internet bubble - Project Loon - to start a real adventure in the sky Indonesia.

It was not a real adventure, but a test that will be carried out by operators in Indonesia, namely Telkomsel, Indosat and XL Axiata.

"We are conducting discussions commercial telecom operators in the world and will soon fly in various regions, such as Indonesia, to trial this year," said Astro Teller, Head of Alphabet for X Innovation, in a blog, as quoted from PCMag on Wednesday (17/02/2016).

Teller does not talk further when exactly this internet balloon flown. However, Google had already announced its official partnership with the three major carriers in Indonesia in October 2015.

Indeed, every effort is never easy. Even Google engineers reportedly overwhelmed by the ideas related to the internet bubble forms - ranging from a spherical shape, pillow, until it resembles a whale biru-- before determining the prototype in use today.

"With the balloon there, we can navigate to float up to 2 miles vertically into the sky and 500 meters from where we were headed as far as 20,000 kilometers. Years ago, there are balloons that have floated to the whole world for 19 times in 187 days. We still need to lower the cost of the balloon, "said Teller.

Project Loon was tested along the 10.5 million miles in New Zealand, Australia, and France is. They then wanted to expand internet coverage to the whole world, which will start from Asia.

Not only Indonesia, Loon balloons will also be flown in Sri Lanka. Reportedly, three internet balloon will be flown into the air on Monday next week, according to information from The Wall Street Journal.

"Imagine the billions of other people can connect with a variety of things, such as education and economic opportunities. It makes me happy to see the team Loon has a bold vision."

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