Monday, February 8, 2016

BlackBerry Users Do Not Allow Root in Device Priv

Rooting is the thing that is familiar to users of Android devices. By doing root, the user is free to make modifications on their own smartphone system. In fact, there are several smartphone manufacturers who blatantly allow the device to be rooted.


But this does not apply to Android devices from BlackBerry, Priv. As reported by Ubergizmo, Wednesday (03/02/2016), mentioned that the BlackBerry device Priv is not recommended to be rooted. As we know that the BlackBerry is reliable about security and privacy.

In BlackBerry's official blog written by Alex Manea, Head of the BlackBerry Device Security, explaining what is root and its effects. In the blog, Manea explains why BlackBerry protects the device from rooting action. He said that when users perform root on BlackBerry devices Priv, will affect the stability of Priv, singeing the warranty, as well as affecting the operating system updates.

Perangkat BlackBerry Priv dengan sistem operasi Android

Even Manea says that by rooting the device Priv means opening up security holes in the device. He said that by doing root, the device will be susceptible compromised by malware, and some applications of the BlackBerry will be rejected outright the Android device in a state-root ter entering the network application.

There are ways in which the parties to avoid the BlackBerry device so the target root Priv. Priv Manea explains that the device will check the kernel and SELinux when ignited. It also monitors the file system table, as well as scanning applications that have access unnatural.

BlackBerry parties said this was done because they want to maintain security on their own devices, according to their designation, which is famous for security and privacy in communication. Though not use their home-made operating system, BlackBerry still want to keep a homemade device safe from malware and virus attacks.


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