Thursday, February 18, 2016

Recent Android Malware Can Erase Mobile Data with One Text Messages

The users of smartphones and Android tablets each day was filled with the threat of the presence of malware applications. Moreover, the malware application that has the ability to erase the data stored on the phone. A company security analyst from Denmark are now finding a new Android malware that can even wipe the data on your phone with just one SMS message 

Company security analyst named Heimdal it was revealed that highly sophisticated malware capable named Mazar. Application of this dangerous malware has the ability to send text messages with multimedia links that look harmless. By downloading the files on that link, then the next data stored on the phone will be forfeited.

Not easy to determine the threat level of this latest malware. Not because the link is a link to download the Tor application for mobile phones which is followed by the actual process of downloading malware. So the owner of the phone was deceived by this malware by downloading Tor stage first.

Heimdal also revealed that the malware application is already widespread in the country of Denmark. They revealed that as many as 100 thousand Android phones indications received a text message from this malware Mazar. But the Heimdal did not dare to ascertain whether the presence of this malware also have spread to countries other than Denmark or not.

For preventative measures, phone owners must be careful when receiving a message in which there is a link to get to a specific page. It would be nice not to press the link. That of course is done for the security of the data stored on the phone.


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